Welcome to the now official english forum, (special thx to KOTAI for allowing it), for the infamous castlevania online game for pc. The game is in spanish so generally not a lot of people will know about it. I have made this site so that more people will be able to find out about the game and play it as well as to have access to some other neat features.

(disclaimer: I do not own the game nor did i make it, all credit to castlevania online game goes to the maker KOTAI. This website is purely made for those who do not understand spanish and support purposes.)


Wednesday January 18, 2017

  The new forum has been established, and will most likely be subject to some changes in the future. But for now I would recommend registering there for those who still enjoy the game. The link to the forum is http://maniksonic.wixsite.com/castlevaniaforum/forum/ hope to see you all there soon


Wednesday, january 11, 2017

 Due to and unfortunate error with webs.com the entire forum page was corrupted and lost. Therefore I will have to re establish the page. It may take some time and I due apologize for my absence and the delay on this. It should be back up fairly soon